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J-Funk! aka Josh
29 August
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Whatever you do, don't puss out.
It may be hard sometimes but life has it's challenges.
You have to step up to these challenges.
Stare the challenge down and take it like a man.
No one likes a puss.
So don't give in.
However, everyone likes pussy.
So girls, if you puss out I'll still like you.
If at first you fail, try again.
If you fail again, you suck.
Don't worry about what people say about you.
It's all talk.
Just take it.
Dish it back out.
If that doesn't work knock them out.
If he's bigger then you, remember line 1.
Even if you're dead, you stuck up for yourself.
And most importantly you didn't puss out.
Although, you probably should have brought a knife.
Or your crew.
Or at the very least a stick.
Or somethng.
But don't be dumb.
Retards are dumb.
You don't want to be one of them.
If you read my live journal you'll be more awesome.
But you'll never be more awesome then me.
Remember that.

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